CAYAYA BIRDING Tours in Guatemala

CAYAYA BIRDING tours are designed for birders. Follow the links to see sample itineraries. All tours are customizable and we also organize your tour tailored according to your target species.

Birding target trips, scheduled birding tours, and birding day trips in Guatemala

Target birding trips in Guatemala

for avid birdwatchers.

Customized birding and nature tours in Guatemala

Tailor-made trips based on your interests.

Birding Day Trips in Guatemala

1-day birding trips from Antigua, Guatemala City, Panajachel, San Pedro La Laguna, Tikal, Flores, El Remate, Cobán.

Bird Photography Tours in Guatemala

in Guatemala.

Independent Birding Travel in Guatemala

Services for independent birders: transport, hotels, local guides.

Sample itineraries of birdwatching tours in Guatemala

Guatemala - Birding - Loop

(15 days) This tour provides a good overview of the birds of Guatemala by visiting the three major biogeographic regions: the highlands and the lowlands of the Pacific slope and the Atlantic slope. More than 300 bird species can be expected during this tour.

Highland Endemics birding tour in Guatemala

(6 days) A short birding tour focused on the Pacific slope highlands between Guatemala City and lake Atitlán. Chance to see many of the endemics of the north Central American highlands.

Quetzal Birding Tour in Guatemala

(3 days) The Resplendent Quetzal is one of the most beautiful birds of Central America, and Guatemala's national bird. This short tour is focused on seeing Respelendent Quetzal and other cloud forest birds.

Volcano - Mangrove - Birding Tour in Guatemala

(8 days) One-week birding tour to see endemics of the north Central American highlands, and waterbirds in reed swamps and mangroves on the Pacific coast.

Tikal and Yaxhá Birding Tour in Guatemala

(4 days) Short birding tour to Tikal and Yaxhá. Both archaeological sites amidst the Mayan forest offer great opportunities to see canopy birds, regional endemics of the Yucatán peninsula, as well as rainforest raptors.

Start here planning your birding trip to Guatemala:

Christmas Bird Counts in at Atitlan Volcano and in Antigua Guatemala, each December.

CAYAYA BIRDING tours Guatemala

birding tour Guatemala


We operate exclusively small group bird watching tours to guarantee the best possible birding conditions, to keep our impact on the natural environment as low as possible, and to ensure personalized service. Tours can be led in English, German or Spanish.

We organize all ground travel using safe minibuses and coasters, and where necessary, 4-wheel-drive-vehicles. We arrange strategic rest stops during travel to break up the trips and give you the optimal, diverse birding experience. We stay primarily in beautiful and peaceful eco-lodges and hotels, where you see birds even during your rest. Vegetarian meals are always made available upon request.

CAYAYA BIRDING tour leaders are active ornithologists and conservationists, who have been conducting intensive field research in Guatemala for more than 15 years. Since they reside in Guatemala, they have the opportunity to keep in close contact with the indigenous communities which we will visit and maintain positive relations. Traveling with us you will enjoy an unforgettable birding experience flavored with the cultural vibrancy of the ancient and present-day Maya.


"The trip was absolutely the best. I have been on many guided trips to a number of countries, but none were more well organized and thought out than yours." Dennis Shirley, Utah, USA .

"CAYAYA BIRDING are the Guatemala experts. For expert guiding, logistics planning and knowing where the birds are, you can't beat the team of Knut and Claudia! Thanks for a great trip, guys!!" Mark Conrad, Arizona, USA .

"CAYAYA BIRDING is outstanding: they not only offer world-class guides, but remarkably comfortable accommodation. They have taken care to ensure good relations with the communities they visit, which means you will not only see a long list of endemics and rarities, but also learn a lot about Guatemala's cultural diversity."

"My experience in Guatemala could not have been better. Knut is a very accomplished guide who knows the birds beyond field guide information." Mark Lockwood, Alpine, TX, USA. Senior author of The TOS Handbook of Texas Birds.

"Birding with Knut and Claudia is a double benefit. Not only do you get the best birding experience and expertise, but you are also supporting conservation and habitat/ecological awareness efforts through their programs with locals. Teach the local people about birds, employ them as paid citizen scientists, increase awareness about caring for the earth and support the local economy." Ruth Stewart, Vermont, USA.

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