Private Wildlife and Bird Photography Tours in Guatemala

CAYAYA BIRDING organizes private bird photography tours to hand-picked sites in Guatemala. Our bird photography sites provide opportunities to photograph regional endemic birds of northern Central America as well as widespread Neotropical birds, Nearctic-Neotropical migratory birds, and other wildlife. Feeding stations are available at some sites, allowing close-range photography, but many bird species require some walking effort for photography. How to book your CAYAYA BIRDING photography tour. Get in touch with us for organizing your wildlife and bird photography expedition in Guatemala.

CAYAYA BIRDING bird photography tours in Guatemala

Photographs taken during CAYAYA BIRDING photography tours in Guatemala

Horned Guan, by Pete Ferrera Pink-headed Warbler, by Allan Obertreiber Orange-breasted Falcon, by Kevin Bartlett Ocellated Quail, by Steve Clark Highland Guan by Steve Broste Bearded Screech-Owl, by David McDonald Golden-browed Warbler, by David McDonald Unspotted Saw-whet Owl, by Stefan Johansson Resplendent Quetzal, by Peter Wächtershäuser. Ridway's Pygmy Owl, by Kevin Bartlett Goldman's Warbler, by Allan Obertreiber Roadside Hawk, by Kevin Bartlett Fulvous Owl, by David McDonald Buffy-crowned Wood-Partridge, by Kevin Bartlett Tody Motmot, by Kevin Bartlett Pink-headed Warbler, by Kevin Bartlett. Slate-throated Redstart, by Kevin Bartlett. Northern Emerald-Toucanet, by Kevin Bartlett. Collared Aracari, by Kevin Bartlett Orange-breasted Falcons, by Kevin Easley King Vulture, by Kevin Easley Belted Flycatcher, by David McDonald Black-headed Nightingale-Thrush, by David McDonald Azure-crowned Hummingbird, by David McDonald Pacific Screech-Owl, by David McDonald Green-backed Sparrow, by David McDonald Black-necked Stilt, by Ulrich Schuster White-nosed Coati, by Kevin Bartlett Guatemalan Pygmy Owl, by Kevin Bartlett Ocellated Turkey, by Peter Wächtershäuser. Ivory-billed Woodcreeper, by David McDonald Mexican Wood Owl, by Kevin Bartlett Horned Guan by Peter Wächtershäuser Smoky-brown Woodpecker, by David McDonald Prevost's Ground-Sparrow, by Peter Wächtershäuser. Horned Guan, by David McDonald Hooded Grosbeak, by David McDonald Canivet's Emerald, by David McDonald

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What bird photographers say about CAYAYA BIRDING

February 2019, 6-day bird photography tour in the Guatemalan highlands
"Four of us went to Guatemala in the hope of photographing the regional endemics. Thanks to Knut's expertise, we saw and photographed almost all on our wish list. I would recommend CAYAYA BIRDING company for anyone birding or pursuing serious photography in Guatemala. Knut Eisermann not only knows the birds and how to find them, but is an accomplished photographer himself, so he knows just what a photographer needs when in the field. We can't wait to come back."
Richard Greenspun, Florida, USA.

January 2019, 1-week photography tour in the Guatemalan highlands
"I traveled with Knut Eisermann from CAYAYA BIRDING this past week, looking for highland species such as Horned Guan. We found almost all our target species and were able to get good photos of most of them. Knut is an excellent guide who instantly knows all the bird calls. He is very patient and doesn't mind the long drives to get to all the birding sites."
Pete Ferrera, New York, USA.

June 2018, 1-week bird photography tour in the Guatemalan highlands
"Just had my second, brilliant trip with Knut Eisermann and CAYAYA BIRDING. Honestly, can't think of how it could have been improved on. Knut and Claudia think of every single detail to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that, as a guest, you have the best possible birding experience. Knut is great company and is deeply knowledgeable. We found all the birds we went looking for, and I was lucky enough to get good chances for photos of each species. Spent part of our time together discussing our next trip together ... can't wait. Really recommend CAYAYA BIRDING, with no hesitation whatsoever ... wonderful way to experience a great birding country."
Kevin Bartlett, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

May 2017, 7-day bird photography trip
"I recommend CAYAYA BIRDING highly for either birders or photographers."
Allan Obertreiber, Texas, USA.

January 2017, CAYAYA BIRDING 8-day private bird photography trip through Guatemala
"Absolutely every detail was beautifully planned and managed by Claudia Avendaño and Knut Eisermann ... nothing left to chance. Knut was our guide to three different locations and all were terrific. We are photographers rather than twitchers and we left Guatemala with great images of some key birds: Pink-headed Warbler, Orange-breasted Falcon, Ocellated Turkey, plus dozens of other great birds, including three species of motmot and four trogons. Knut is not only immensely knowledgeable, flexible and patient; he is also great company: plenty of laughs along with the birds. For anyone planning a birding trip, or more general nature-oriented trip to Guatemala, there really is no need to look further than CAYAYA BIRDING. Decades of hard work and commitment have made them the absolute leaders for this country."
Kevin Bartlett, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

November 2015, 6-day target bird photography trip
"I highly recommend Knut Eisermann as a guide. His ability to spot birds I couldn't see was uncanny. They went above and beyond to get my luggage to me when it missed my flight and arrived later."
David McDonald, Houston, Texas, USA.

March 2011, 21-days tailor-made tour focused on bird photography
"Very recommendable for touring Guatemala!"
Peter Wächtershäuser, Bad Homburg, Germany.

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