Characteristics of CAYAYA BIRDING tours

Starting early in the morning is the clue for amazing observations of birds and nature. Most of the trails are easy to walk, but the heat of the day can be tiring, and trails may get muddy in the rainy season. Most highland destinations require up-hill and down-hill walking. At many birding sites we will have boxed breakfast or boxed lunch to maximize the birding time. Transfers are always private for our groups and they differ in length and road maintenance (asphalt or dirt road). We use microbuses on most transfers, or four-wheel-drive vehicles when necessary. During drives we will stop for brief birding, resting, and eating.

Because the main objectives of CAYAYA BIRDING tours is the observation of birds in natural habitats, we spend most of the time of our tours at sites away from cities, and stay in town only when logistics require it, and for having access to services such as money exchange. It is expected that each participant brings binoculars, which are essential for nature and bird watching.

With CAYAYA BIRDING tours we aim to support conservation and have an overall positive impact on the areas we visit. We limit the use tapes to attract birds to a minimum, and on special occasions we split into very small groups in order to not disturb certain sensible species.

See also Health and Safety, How to prepare for your trip, and What to bring.

Booking and payment

The organization of your birding tour gets started by e-mailing or calling us about your interest, based on which we provide an itinerary. After your confirmation of the proposed itinerary, booking is made by sending via E-mail the signed registration form and contract (which we will provide) and a deposit of 20% of the tour price. You will receive a booking confirmation. Final payment is due 40 days prior to departure.

Cancellations and refunds

CAYAYA BIRDING must be notified in writing of any cancellations. Cancellation charges are as follows:

  • At least 60 days before arrival: US$150.00 per person.
  • 59 to 40 days before arrival: 20% of the total invoice balance or a minimum of US$ 200.00 per person.
  • 39 to 20 days before arrival: 50% of the total invoice balance or a minimum of US$ 200.00 per person.
  • 19 to 5 days before arrival: 80% of the total invoice balance.
  • less than 5 days before arrival: 100% of the total invoice balance.

CAYAYA BIRDING reserves the right to cancel all services, if payments are not met on time.

CAYAYA BIRDING and the customer can cancel the contract due to unexpected events out of control (war, acts of terrorism, civil disturbances, government restrictions or regulations, nature catastrophes), which would endanger the trip and the safety of the customer.

Limitations to participate on a tour

Watching birds in their natural environment requires a medium level of fitness. Local conditions (high temperatures, difficult terrain, high altitude above 3000 m or 9850 ft, biting insects) can be exhausting. Persons with health problems or physical limitations should contact CAYAYA BIRDING to clear doubts about the travel conditions and available resources and services in remote areas.

The activities during a tour can be modified at certain level according to the interests of the travelers in the group. In case of incompatible behavior of a participant, CAYAYA BIRDING will take the proper actions to proceed in benefit of the other members of the group.


CAYAYA BIRDING warrants a careful selection of the enterprises and personnel in charge of lodging, guiding, meals and transportation services involved in the itineraries.

CAYAYA BIRDING is not responsible for delays, losses, accidents or cancellations during the tour due to external causes out of our control, such as natural disasters, political situations, acts of terrorism or vandalism. We are not responsible either for any accidents, injuries, inconveniences or losses or matters of hotel accommodations or transportation due to mistake or neglect from any of the enterprises or personnel in charge of giving services during the tour, since CAYAYA BIRDING acts only in the capacity of agent. CAYAYA BIRDING is not responsible for any damage or loss of the traveler's belongings, and neither for any health problem that appears during or after the tour. CAYAYA BIRDING may propose proper changes in the itinerary due to external causes, or in case of delay in the arrival of the travelers. In case of problematic or emergency situations, CAYAYA BIRDING will contact the persons or institutions where the travelers may get help, and support them to solve the situation. Extra charges resulting from modifications in the itinerary and costs due to unexpected situations due to external causes, will be charged to the customers.

CAYAYA BIRDING does not guarantee that species mentioned in the tour description, previous trip reports, or the checklist of the birds of Guatemala, will be seen during the tour.

Legal conditions

Present law in Guatemala applies to any case of legal dispute. Place of jurisdiction is Guatemala Ciudad, Guatemala C.A.


CAYAYA BIRDING recommends to bring a personal travel insurance, including health and trip cancellation issues.

Documents, vaccination, visa

Personal travel documents, vaccination and visa issues are responsibility of the customer. CAYAYA BIRDING cannot be held responsible for refusal of visas.

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