Target trips in Guatemala for avid birdwatchers

Have you birded northern Central America or southern Mexico already, and want to come back to the region to see the birds you have not seen yet, or do you want to see as many of our regional endemics as possible, or other species of your special interest? Get in touch with us and we advise you on the best travel time for seeing your target birds and prepare an itinerary that maximizes chances of seeing as many as possible of your sought-after species. CAYAYA BIRDING target trips are private tours for 1-4 birders, but they can also be adapted to larger groups. These birding tours are customized to your target list, and include also sites which are not included in our birding hotspots. These trips provide better chances of seeing difficult birds such as owls and nightjars, quail-doves, and quails. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Cayaya Birding target trips in Guatemala

What target birders say about CAYAYA BIRDING

November 2015, 6-day target trip
"I highly recommend Knut as a guide. His ability to spot birds I couldn't see was uncanny. They went above and beyond to get my luggage to me when it missed my flight and arrived later."
David McDonald, Houston, Texas, USA.

June 2015, 17-day target trip
"Cayaya Birding is outstanding: they not only offer world-class guides, but remarkably comfortable accommodation. They have taken care to ensure good relations with the communities they visit, which means you will not only see a long list of endemics and rarities, but also learn a lot about Guatemala's cultural diversity."
Matthew Koch, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

December 2014, 11-day target trip
"Our guide, Knut Eisermann was EXCELLENT!!! I was impressed by his bird knowledge, phenomenal eyes and ears, and on how well he took care of us. He was charming at all times, attuned to all of our needs both birdwise and otherwise, and extremely patient and considerate. He is lightning-fast on getting a bird in the scope! He is also a very safe driver. We had a delightful time. Claudia Avendaño was very prompt on her responses to all of our queries. Her pre-trip information was comprehensive and very clear. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in birding Guatemala contact them first."

April 2014, 11-days target trip
My experience in Guatemala could not have been better. Knut is a very accomplished guide who knows the birds beyond field guide information.
Mark Lockwood, Alpine, TX, USA.
A fantastic tour! Very well-organized, with friendly, enthusiastic, and expert guides that knew where to find the birds we wanted to see. They made sure we were well taken care of, and they worked hard to ensure that everyone in our group saw the birds we were targeting. All lodging was highly satisfactory and we never missed a meal. Extremely pleasant and highly recommended!
Paul Sunby, Austin, TX, USA.

April 2013, 12-days target trip
A great trip with an excellent guide. Our trip went smoothly and we saw more speciality species than we expected.
Dave Sargeant, Thailand.
We found Knut Eisermann an extremely knowledgable, enthusiastic, patient and attentive leader. He knows the birds, the locations, the people. He involves local guides that he trained himself wherever possible - we were impressed by this. His sense of humour is also an asset.
Ian D. Harrison, Aberaeron, UK.

May 2007, 5 days target trip
"In 2005, my wife and I went to Guatemala on holiday for a week in November. During that trip, we arranged a 3 day birding trip with Cayaya Birding to look for the Horned Guan. We had a very successful (albeit very strenuous) hike up the side of Volcano Atitlan, the highlight of which was prolonged looks at two Horned Guans looking back at us. I was very impressed with everything about Knut Eisermann, co-owner, chief cook and bottle washer for Cayaya Birding. He is a brilliant field ornithologist, a great logistician and an all-around very pleasant fellow. Thus when business took me back to Guatemala in May 2007, I pre-arranged a 5 day trip with Knut once again. My goal this time was to look for Resplendent Quetzals and look for highland rainforest owls." See trip report
Alan van Norman, Bismarck, North Dakota, USA

April 2007, 8 days target trip
"Until recently, I'd never thought too much about birding Guatemala. Our trip with Knut has convinced to return as soon as possible and see more of this fascinating country. Experiencing the Mayan culture and the fabulous birds in the mountains is something I'll never forget. Having traveled with other birding companies, I'd have to recommend Cayaya Birding over the others for personal service and effort given to show us every possible species. A truly remarkable experience."
Howard King, Riverside, CA, USA
"Knut and Claudia are amazing.....we told them what we wanted to see and they planned a perfect itinerary. We saw almost all of our target birds! Can't wait to do another trip with them! "
Lori Conrad, Hermosa Beach, CA, USA

March 2007, 10 days target trip:
"Cayaya Birding did a great job for us and was outstanding both in terms of the birding and the logistics of the trip. Knut Eisermann and Claudia Avendaño, who run Cayaya Birding together, are deeply knowledgeable about the avifauna of Guatemala, are great birders and organized everything without a hitch. They are working hard surveying the birdlife in Guatemala, developing birding and eco-tourism through local lodges such as Los Tarrales and Chelemha (described below), and exposing Guatemala as a first rate birding destination with marquee species that may be found more easily in Guatemala than in any other area. We would heartily recommend them for anyone interested in birding in Guatemala." See trip report
Jeffrey F. Peters, Weston, MA, USA

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