We are dedicated to nature conservation in Guatemala. We are aware that we use natural resourses by operating birding tours – CAYAYA BIRDING aims to have an overall positive impact on the areas we visit and support conservation. Read here about the characteristics of our tours.

At CAYAYA BIRDING we are linking environmental research, education, conservation and development together in a way where everybody wins - including the birds! We collaborate with local communities, organizations and universities to find the best way to promote conservation programs. Frequently we find that the best alternative to conserve a forest is to make it economically valuable to the people who live in close proximity. This is where sustainable tourism and birdwatching come in.

CAYAYA BIRDING accomplishes sustainable tourism criteria:

  • Our tours bring small groups to natural areas, put a value on natural habitats, without causing negative impact upon them.
  • Our tours generate economic income to protected areas, to indigenous communities, and to local small enterprises.
  • Our partners for accommodation and catering are small private enterprises, conservationist organizations, or indigenous communities. In most destinations renewable natural resources are used for the construction of accommodations.
  • Our partners for transfers are small local Guatemalan enterprises.
  • Our partners at the destinations collaborate with local people.
  • In many destinations our excursions are accompanied by local guides additional to our own guiding.
  • In most destinations we stay for some days, and we explore walking the habitats and their birds.
  • We live in Guatemala, and we have studied the birds in many of our destinations. We colaborate closely with local people in conservation issues, and enjoy confidence in local communities.
  • Because we are active conservationists in Guatemala, our guests receive authentic information from us about the up to date state of conservation, aims, success and problems of conservation activities in the country.
  • Our tours support the evolution of an environmental awareness among local communities. Foreign visitors demonstrate to local people that their environment is well worth to protect.
  • Part of the CAYAYA BIRDING's profit is donated to local projects on bird reseach and nature conservation.
  • CAYAYA BIRDING tours and services are presented in this website. We do not print catalogs, in order to save natural resources.
  • Furthermore, our website is hosted since 2008 free of CO2-emmissions, using renewable energy:
CO2 free.

cloud forest
A piece of cloud forest CAYAYA BIRDING helped to protect.

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