CAYAYA BIRDING supports birding and ornithology in Guatemala

Bird research
CAYAYA BIRDING supports bird research by PROEVAL RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program.

CAYAYA BIRDING supports the following initiatives:

  • Ornithologcal research: funding support for field research and publications (PROEVAL RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program).
  • Christmas Bird Counts in Tikal, at Atitlan Volcano, and in Antigua Guatemala - organization, funding support, and data compilation of three Audubon Christmas Bird Counts since 2006.
  • Development of birding sites. Advised by Cayaya Birding, Los Tarrales Reserve developed as world-class birding destination.
  • Publicity for Guatemalan birding destinations. Cayaya Birding has developed several web sites to promote birding, incluyding for Los Tarrales and published several articles in international birding magazines.
  • Support for the Ornithological Society of Guatemala (Sociedad Guatemalteca de Ornitología) - we developed and we are sponsoring the web site of the Ornithological Society of Guatemala, and support the creation of an ornithological library.
  • Sustainable tourism in the Yalijux mountain range. We support the local Guatemalan association UPROBON by helping to develop a sustainable tourism program in this cloud forest area.
  • We help several community members to become local birding guides, e.g. in Los Tarrales Reserve, Sibinal, and Todos Santos Cuchumatán.
Bird Guide Training
Knut Eisermann and Claudia Avendaño of CAYAYA BIRDING with local birding guides in Sibinal.

Bird Guide Training
During birding guide training at Volcán Siete Orejas, Quetzaltenango, 2012.
bird monitoring team
Knut Eisermann and Claudia Avendaño as bird monitoring trainers in the Yalijux mountains (PROEVAL RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program) in 2006.

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