CAYAYA BIRDING is an official tour operator, registered in the Guatemalan Tourism Institute INGUAT (#584-2003). Our service is based upon our years of research, travel and adventure experiences in Guatemala which help us select the best birding spots, safest means and routes of transportation and most comfortable accommodations for you, all at the right price. We want you to enjoy every minute of your hard-earned vacation here and we are positive you will love Guatemala!

We operate exclusively small group birding tours in order to keep our impact on the natural environment as low as possible, to guarantee the best possible birding conditions, and to ensure personalized service. Tours can be guided in English, German or Spanish. You may choose between a tailor made tour based on your personal interests or our scheduled tour packages.

We organize all ground travel using safe minibuses or coasters, and where necessary, 4-wheel-drive-vehicles. We arrange strategic rest stops during travel to break up the trips and give you the optimal, diverse birding experience. We stay primarily in beautiful and peaceful eco-lodges and hotels amidst bird habitat. Vegetarian meals are always made available upon request.

We are active ornithologists and conservationists, who have been conducting intensive field research in Guatemala since 1996. Residing in Guatemala allows us to keep in close contact with the indigenous communities which we will visit and maintain positive relations. When you come and travel with CAYAYA BIRDING you will enjoy an unforgettable birding experience flavored with the cultural vibrancy of the ancient and present-day Maya.

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