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Horned Guan in Guatemala. Photograph © Knut Eisermann.

Olive Sparrow
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October 2018
Guatemala is an attractive birding destination in Central America with more than 750 bird species and a high diversity of ecosystems. CAYAYA BIRDING tours and day trips are designed for birders, led by Knut Eisermann, Claudia Avendaño, and knowledgeable local guides. Knut and Claudia are passionate birders and guides, live and study birds in Guatemala and have published numerous contributions to Guatemalan ornithology, including an Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Guatemala (Lynx, 2007). Since more than 15 years, they enjoy showing Guatemalan birdlife to world birders (what birders say about CAYAYA BIRDING).

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CAYAYA BIRDING specialized birdwatching tours in Guatemala

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  • we operate small group birdwatching tours to guarantee the best possible birding conditions, to keep our impact on the natural environment as low as possible, and to ensure personalized service. We lead tours in English, German or Spanish.
  • we organize all ground travel using minibuses or coasters and, where necessary, 4-wheel-drive-vehicles. We stay in beautiful and peaceful eco-lodges and hotels, where you see birds even during your rest. Vegetarian meals and other special diets are always made available upon request.
  • we have been successfully organizing and leading expert birding tours in Guatemala since 2003. Our knowledge on birds, people, and country is based on 20 years of ornithological field research, travelling, and conservation work. We reside in Guatemala, and when not leading birding tours, we are in the field finding out new things about special birds, training local guides, supporting the development of birding lodges and areas, finding new and exciting birding hotspots, and supporting conservation initiatives.

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Recent photograph by CAYAYA BIRDING tour participant:
Ocellated Quail
A pair of Ocellated Quail Cyrtonyx ocellatus, photographed during a recent CAYAYA BIRDING tour in the Guatemalan highlands.
Video of singing Thicket Tinamou
Seeing a tinamou is always a treat, seeing one singing, is special. See here a video of a Thicket Tinamou singing devotedly its song in the dark forest understory.
Owls of Guatemala 2017
Latest publication of the CAYAYA BIRDING staff: Eisermann, K. & C. Avendaño (2017) The owls of Guatemala. 447-515 in P. L. Enríquez (ed.) Neotropical owls: diversity and conservation. Springer, Cham, Switzerland. More results of our research ...
Reports of Christmas Bird Counts in Guatemala

Fully referenced checklist of the birds of Guatemala

Knut Eisermann and Claudia Avendaño of CAYAYA BIRDING published the first annotated and fully referenced checklist of the birds of Guatemala in 2007. The checklist is bilingual (English/Spanish) and was published by Lynx Edicions, Barcelona. More of our contributions to the ornithology of Guatemala.

Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Guatemala

Rough Guide Guatemala

"CAYAYA BIRDING ... resident specialists with unmatched knowledge of birding hot-spots."
Rough Guide to Guatemala, 5th edition (2012), p.26, by Iain Stewart.

Moon Guide Guatemala

"You could easily center your entire Guatemala vacation around birding, Guatemala's best birding outfitter is CAYAYA BIRDING."
Moon Handbooks Guatemala, 2nd edition (2007), p.23, by Al Argueta.

Recent publications by

owls of Guatemala

Eisermann, K. & C. Avendaño (2018) An update on the inventory, distribution and residency status of bird species in Guatemala. Bulletin British Ornithologists' Club 138: 148-229.

Eisermann, K. & C. Avendaño (2017) The owls of Guatemala. 447-515 in P. L. Enríquez (ed.) Neotropical owls: diversity and conservation. Springer, Cham, Switzerland.

Eisermann, K., C. Avendaño & E. Matías (2017) Nesting evidence, density and vocalisations in a resident population of Savannah Sparrow Passerculus sandwichensis wetmorei in Guatemala. Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club 137: 37-45.

Eisermann, K., Matías, E. & Avendaño, C. 2017. Primer registro de anidación de Psiloscops flammeolus en Guatemala. Cotinga 39: 53-59.

Eisermann, K. (2013) Vocal field marks of Unspotted Saw-whet Owl and Guatemalan Pygmy-Owl. Neotropical Birding 13: 8-13.

Recent publications of CAYAYA BIRDING staff

More results of our research ...

What birders say about

"The trip was absolutely the best. I have been on many guided trips to a number of countries, but none were more well organized and thought out than yours." Dennis Shirley, Utah, USA , 2017.

"CAYAYA BIRDING are the Guatemala experts. For expert guiding, logistics planning and knowing where the birds are, you can't beat the team of Knut and Claudia! Thanks for a great trip, guys!!" Mark Conrad, Arizona, USA , 2017.

"We had an extremely good trip. Everything was organized with an incredible attention to detail; we saw a huge amount without feeling rushed; and the food and accommodation were far better than we had expected. Knut is an excellent guide with an incredible knowledge of the birds, wildlife and culture of his adopted home. He is also very pleasant company in the field. Very highly recommended." Graham Tebb, Vienna, Austria, 2018.

"CAYAYA BIRDING is outstanding: they not only offer world-class guides, but remarkably comfortable accommodation. They have taken care to ensure good relations with the communities they visit, which means you will not only see a long list of endemics and rarities, but also learn a lot about Guatemala's cultural diversity."
Matthew Koch, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

"Our guide, Knut Eisermann was excellent! I was impressed by his bird knowledge, phenomenal eyes and ears, and on how well he took care of us. He was charming at all times, attuned to all of our needs both birdwise and otherwise, and extremely patient and considerate. He is lightning-fast on getting a bird in the scope! He is also a very safe driver. We had a delightful time. Claudia Avendaño was very prompt on her responses to all of our queries. Her pre-trip information was comprehensive and very clear. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in birding Guatemala contact them first."
Lorna L. Engleman, MD, and Dodge Engleman, MD, San Antonio, TX. Co-authors of: A bird-finding guide to Panama.

"A fantastic tour! Very well-organized, with friendly, enthusiastic, and expert guides that knew where to find the birds we wanted to see. They made sure we were well taken care of, and they worked hard to ensure that everyone in our group saw the birds we were targeting. All lodging was highly satisfactory and we never missed a meal. Extremely pleasant and highly recommended!" , Austin, TX, USA.

"My experience in Guatemala could not have been better. Knut is a very accomplished guide who knows the birds beyond field guide information." Mark Lockwood, Alpine, TX, USA. Senior author of The TOS Handbook of Texas Birds.

"I highly recommend CAYAYA BIRDING! My trip to Guatemala was the birding trip of a lifetime for me. It was relaxing and fun and I was astonished by the number of birds I was able to observe in 6 days. Our guide, Knut, was fabulous! He had keen senses and in-depth knowledge of the local birds. He was able to get a scope focused on hard to see birds in a flash! Knut is not only an outstanding bird guide, but also has an easy going personality with a great sense of humor. The trip was very well organized and went smoothly." Melannie Hartman, USA.

"We found Knut an extremely knowledgable, enthusiastic, patient and attentive leader. He knows the birds, the locations, the people. He involves local guides that he trained himself wherever possible - we were impressed by this. His sense of humour is also an asset." Ian D. Harrison, Aberaeron, UK.

"It was a delightful trip from beginning to end. Communication was clear in the planning stages and throughout the entire trip. And, most especially, Knut and Claudia were 'over-the-top' birders! We loved their total friendliness and cheerfulness and their skills at hearing, seeing and identifying Guatemalan birds was amazing." Ann and John Reichhardt, Colorado, USA.

"Birding with Knut and Claudia is a double benefit. Not only do you get the best birding experience and expertise, but you are also supporting conservation and habitat/ecological awareness efforts through their programs with locals. Teach the local people about birds, employ them as paid citizen scientists, increase awareness about caring for the earth and support the local economy." Ruth Stewart, Vermont, USA.

"Claudia organised our trip perfectly. We had some terrific birding in the highlands and at Tikal, with a good insight into the highland region and the chance to explore the great ruins at Tikal. We should have stayed longer!" Marcus I'Anson, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UK.

"Claudia and Knut organized a one week custom tour for Pacific slope bird specialties and the cultural attractions of colonial Antigua and Lake Atitlán. Knut was an outstanding guide and personable companion. His knowledge of the birds is encyclopedic, and his sharp eyes and perseverance were greatly appreciated." Robert Orenstein, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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