Mammals of Guatemala: a photo and video gallery

Opossums (Didelphidae)

Gray Four-eyed Opossum <i>Philander opossum</i>, dpto. Petén. Virginia Opossum <i>Didelphis virginiana</i>, dpto. Alta Verapaz.

Armadillos (Dasypodidae)

Nine-banded Armadillo <i>Dasypus novemcinctus</i>, dpto. San Marcos.

Bats (Chiroptera)

Common Long-tongued Bat Geoffroy's Hairy-legged Bat Highland Yellow-shouldered Bat

New World Monkeys (Cebidae)

At eye level with a calling Guatemalan Howler Monkey Alouatta pigra in the rainforest of Guatemala.

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Guatemalan Howler Monkey <i>Alouatta pigra</i>, dpto. Alta Verapaz. Guatemalan Howler Monkey <i>Alouatta pigra</i>, dpto. Alta Verapaz. Mantled Howler Monkey <i>Alouatta palliata</i>, dpto. Izabal. Central American Spider Monkey <i>Ateles geoffroyi</i>, dpto. Petén.

Squirrels (Sciuridae)

Variegated Squirrel <i>Sciurus variegatoides</i>, dpto. Suchitepéquez. Mexican Gray Squirrel

Pocket Gophers (Geomyidae)

Mice and rats (Muridae)

Harvest Mouse

New World Porcupines (Erethizontidae)

Mexican Porcupine <i>Spiggurus mexicanus</i>, dpto. Alta Verapaz.

Agoutis (Dasyproctidae)

Central American Agouti <i>Dasyprocta punctata</i>, dpto. Suchitepéquez.

Rabbits and hares (Leporiae)

Eastern Cottentail <i>Sylvilagus floridanus</i>, dpto. Huehuetenango.

Dogs and foxes (Canidae)

Gray Fox <i>Urocyon cinereoargenteus</i>, dpto. Petén.

Racoons and allies (Procyonidae)

Kinkajou <i>Potos flavus</i>, dpto. Alta Verapaz. Cacomistle <i>Bassariscus sumichrasti</i>, dpto. Alta Verapaz. White-nosed Coati <i>Nasua narica</i>, dpto. Solol?.

Wiesels, skunks and allies (Mustelidae)

Tyra <i>Eira barbara</i>, dpto. Petén.

Cats (Felidae)

Margay <i>Leopardus wiedii</i>, dpto. Petén.

Tapirs (Tapiridae)

Baird's Tapir <i>Tapirus bairdii</i>, dpto. Petén.

Deear (Cervidae)

White-tailed Deer <i>Odocoileus virginianus</i>, dpto. Suchitepéquez.

Ocean Dolphins (Delphinidae)

Spinner Dolphin <i>Stenella longirostris</i>, Pacific Ocean off dpto. Escuintla.

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