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Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
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Nov 2015
Guatemala is an attractive birding destination with more than 720 bird species and a high diversity of ecosystems. This website provides information on birding sites, photo galleries, and general information about land and people. CAYAYA BIRDING tours are designed for birders, led by Knut Eisermann and Claudia Avendaño. They are passionate birders and guides, live and study birds in Guatemala and have published numerous contribitions on Guatemalan ornithology, including an Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Guatemala (Lynx, 2007). Since more than 10 years they enjoy showing Guatemalan birdlife to world birders.

Christmas Bird Counts in Guatemala

Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Guatemala

QUETZAL TOURS (Fort Collins, CO) Guatemala Tour, November 2015

Quetzal Tours Guatemala

Join us on a 9-day relaxed birding tour to birding hotspots in the Guatemalan highlands and Tikal National Park, 21-29 November 2015.


Video of Plain Chachalaca
Humorous video of a Plain Chachalaca

CAYAYA BIRDING Newsletter 9 (March 2014)

Sibinal Birding Hotspot (October 2014)

eBird Guatemala
Keep your lists of birds seen in Guatemala at eBird Centroamérica!

Reports of the 2013 Christmas Bird Counts at Atitlan Volcano and in Antigua.

Laguna del Tigre National Park birding hotspot (posted Feb 2014)

Hacienda Tijax birding hotspot (posted Oct 2010)

Important Bird Areas in Guatemala (posted June 2010)

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