Ornithological publications for Guatemala

An extensive bibliography of more than 1200 publications on birds of Guatemala (from 1577-2004) has been published recently by Knut Eisermann & Claudia Avendaño (PROEVAL RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program and staff of Cayaya Birding):

Eisermann, K. & C. Avendaño (2006) Diversidad de aves en Guatemala, con una lista bibliográfica. Pp. 525-623 In: E. Cano (Ed.) Biodiversidad de Guatemala, Vol. 1. Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Guatemala.

Offprints and PDF of that paper are available upon request to

More information on bird research in Guatemala by CAYAYA BIRDING staff.

Biodiversidad de Guatemala
Cover of Biodiversidad de Guatemala (36 chapters, edited by Enio Cano). The chapter on avian diversity by K. Eisermann & C. Avendaño includes an extensive bibliography of ornithology in Guatemala.
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