Loma Linda

Loma Linda is a small village located at the bird-rich altitude of 1400 m in the Pacific slope highlands. The village is settled on a ridge on the foothill of Chicabal volcano, and part of the Santiaguito Volcano Important Bird Area.

Azure-rumped Tanager
Azure-rumped Tanager in Loma Linda.

Loma Linda's forest reserve and coffee plantations are home to an interesting bird assemblage. The coffee plantations have a high diversity of shade trees and are indeed forest-like, that even cloud forest specialists such as Common Bush-Tanager can be seen there. Also the Endangered Azure-rumped Tanager, Highland Guan, and the Resplendent Quetzal live in the area. Other endemics of the north Central American highlands regularly observed in Loma Linda are Rufous Sabrewing, Green-throated Mountain-gem, Rufous-browed Wren, Blue-and-white Mockingbird. Together with forests of neighboring areas, Loma Linda supports also species with large habitat requirements, such as Ornate and Black Hawk-Eagle. A network of small foot trails used by the local farmers provide access to the habitat. Some sections of the trail offer spectacular views to the Santiaguito volcano, one of the world-wide most active volcanoes (see slides).

Access and accommodation: Loma Linda is located north of Retalhuleu. A paved road (last 3 km dirt road) provides easy access. Loma Linda has a small hostel with 4 rooms and shared bathroom. For more comfortable accommodation, the lodge at Patrocinio Reserve is located only 30 min by car from Loma Linda.

When is the best time for a visit to Loma Linda? Any time of year.

How do you support conservation and development in Loma Linda? Loma Linda is part of the Important Bird Area Santiaguito Volcano (IBA GT014). With your visit you help to raise an environmental awareness among the local population.

Highland Guan
Male Highland Guan in the forest of Loma Linda.
Hook-billed Kite
Hook-billed Kite in Loma Linda.

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