Thraupidae: tanagers of Guatemala

Some of the photos were taken having the bird in hand, during scientific, licenced bird studies.

Yellow-winged Tanager (Thraupis abbas)

Yellow-winged Tanager

Azure-rumped Tanager (Tangara cabanisi)

Azure-rumped Tanager

Golden-hooded Tanager (Tangara larvata)

Golden-hooded Tanager

Cinnamon-bellied Flowerpiercer (Diglossa baritula)

Cinnamon-bellied Flowerpiercer

Gray-headed Tanager (Eucometis penicillata)

Gray-headed Tanager

Crimson-collared Tanager (Ramphocelus sanguinolentus)

Crimson-collared Tanager

Red-legged Honeycreeper (Cyanerpes cyaneus)

Red-legged Honeycreeper

Bananaquit (Coereba flaveola)


Thick-billed Seedfinch (Oryzoborus funereus)

Thick-billed Seedfinch

Morelet's Seedeater (Sporophila morelleti)

White-collared Seedeater

Black-headed Saltator (Saltator atriceps)

Black-headed Saltator

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