Birdwatching Guatemala, Central America

Tour groups watching birds in Guatemala

More than 770 bird species have been recorded in Guatemala. The country is the core area of distribution of endemic birds of the north Central American highlands, such as Pink-headed Warbler, Horned Guan, Azure-rumped Tanager, Goldman's Warbler, and Black-capped Siskin. Guatemala is part of the range of approximately 40 species with an area of distribution restricted to southern Mexico and northern Central America. Guatemala's national bird, the Resplendent Queztal, can be seen at several sites in the Guatemalan highlands.

Birds of Guatemala.
Some of Guatemala's special birds: Horned Guan, Azure-rumped Tanager, Wine-throated Hummingbird, Resplendent Quetzal, Goldman's Warbler, Black-capped Siskin, Pink-headed Warbler, Fulvous Owl, and Ocellated Turkey.

In order to see as many bird species as possible, April is the best month for a birding visit to Guatemala. At this time of year species of the resident avifauna are very active and sing frequently - this is the main breeding season. Nearctic migrants are on the way back to their breeding grounds in North America with fresh molted plumage. You will see the Nearctic birds which stay in the region during the winter, in addition to those which spend their winter in South America. While birding in Guatemala may be greatest in April, it is great throughout the rest of year. We at CAYAYA BIRDING are specialized on creating memorable birding experiences for international birders.

Migratory birds of Guatemala.
Some of the migratory birds in Guatemala: Golden-cheeked Warbler, Least Sandpiper, Broad-winged Hawk, Townsend's Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler, Hermit Warbler, Hammond's Flycatcher, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Lincoln's Sparrow, and Sabine's Gull.

Because violence was widespread throughout Guatemala until the late 1990s, it was not taken into account as a birdwatching destination until more recently. Costa Rica and Belize had been recognized as the top destinations for birding Central America, but in the past two decades tourism infrastructure has been developing rapidly in Guatemala. Today, a network of lodges and natural areas with trails, as well as comfortable and efficient transportation are available between key birding sites, allowing the opportunity to see more than 300 bird species within a visit of two weeks. Guatemala is still emerging as a popular birding location. Approximately a third of the country is covered with protected areas. Several private and state nature reserves have lodges and trails through natural habitat. By birding these areas you subbport to their conservation.

Guatemala is a terrific tourist destination. Even if your travel partner is not as fanatic as birder as you may be, Guatemala has a wide diversity of attractions to visit. Guatemala is a living museum full of culture, natural beauty, historical sites, archeology, anthropology, and fascinating geology.

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Map: birding Guatemala, migration routes
Migration routes of North American birds - Mesoamerica is comparable with Gibraltar and Bosporus on the bird migration routes between Europe and Africa - thousands of bird have to pass the isthmus.
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