Seeing HIGHLAND GUAN Penelopina nigra in Guatemala with CAYAYA BIRDING

Highland Guan in Guatemala
Highland Guan in Guatemala. Photograph © Knut Eisermann.

Highland Guan (Penelopina nigra) is endemic to the highlands of southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and western Nicaragua. This cracid favors cloud forests between 800 and 3,000 m (2,600-9,850 ft) altitude, but occurs locally also in pine-oak forest. The males' far-carrying whistles and loud wing rattles during display flights belong to the characteristic noises of the cloud forests of the region. Highland Guan is listed in the IUCN/BirdLife International Red List of globally threatened bird species as Vulnerable, mainly because of increasing habitat loss.

Highland Guan habitat in Guatemala
Mountain cloud forest, habitat of Highland Guan in Guatemala.

The highland of Guatemala is the core area of distribution, where Highland Guan is still locally common. It can, however, be difficult to see because most time of the year it is shy and retiring. Most of the CAYAYA BIRDING tours include several sites with Highland Guan populations, with good chances of seeing it.

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Photographs of Highland Guans seen during CAYAYA BIRDING tours in Guatemala

male Highland Guan, CAYAYA BIRDING tour Highland Guan in canopy, CAYAYA BIRDING tour Highland Guan on the ground, CAYAYA BIRDING tour Display flight of male Highland Guan, CAYAYA BIRDING tour Female Highland Guan, CAYAYA BIRDING tour Highland Guan preening, CAYAYA BIRDING tour Highland Guan in the canopy, CAYAYA BIRDING tour Highland Guan tail-fanning, CAYAYA BIRDING tour Highland Guan upright posture, CAYAYA BIRDING tour Highland Guan in flight, CAYAYA BIRDING tour Highland Guan resting, CAYAYA BIRDING tour Highland Guan in dense understory, CAYAYA BIRDING tour

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Highland Guan in flight
Male Highland Guan shortly before landing on a branch.

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