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Newletter #8
27 April 2013

Quetzal Tours, GuatemalaUpcoming scheduled birding tour
QUETZAL TOURS (Fort Collins, CO) offers a relaxed 9-day birding tour in Guatemala, 7-15 December 2013, in collaboration with Cayaya Birding. Request information.

Mexican Wood Owl Results of the 2012 Christmas Bird Counts

Take a look at the results of our 2012 Christmas Bird Counts in Antigua Guatemala and at Atitlán Volcano:

2012 CBC

Owl research in Guatemala supported by Cayaya Birding

Cayaya Birding supported studies on the distribution of owls in Guatemala and Mesoamerica and on the vocalization of Guatemalan Pygmy-Owl (PDF of the following papers are available on request:

Eisermann, K. & S. N. G. Howell (2011). Vocalizations of the Guatemalan Pygmy-Owl (Glaucidium cobanense). Journal of Raptor Research 45: 304-314.

Howell, S. N. G. & K. Eisermann (2011) Guatemalan Pygmy-Owl Glaucidium cobanense is a good species. Neotropical Birding 9: 74-76.

Enríquez, P. L., K. Eisermann & H. Mikkola (2012) Los búhos de México y Centroamérica: necesidades en investigación y conservación. Ornitología Neotropical 23, Suppl.: 251-264.

Highland GuanNatural history of Highland Guan
Cayaya Birding supported the elaboration of a thorough natural history of Highland Guan (Penelopina nigra), accessible online at Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Neotropical Birds Online

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