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Newletter #3
9 November 2006

TikalChristmas Bird Count TIKAL 2006!
Come join a 8-day birding tour including a Christmas Bird Count 2006 in Tikal! This official Audubon Christmas Bird Count is organized by CAYAYA BIRDING, WILDLIFE CONSERVATION SOCIETY Guatemala, TIKAL NATIONAL PARK, ORNITHOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF GUATEMALA, and Hotel JAGUAR INN Tikal. Tour schedule online at:


PROEVAL RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program
Currently a third monitoring team of Q’eqchi’ farmers is being trained for bird counts in the cloud forest of the Chelemhá and K’anti Shul Reserves. Details online at

cheBirding Chelemhá
Information on birdwatching in the Chelemhá Cloud Forest Reserve has been added to the web site, including endemics easily seen from the balcony of the Maya Cloud Forest Lodge.

PATO-POC 3Ornithological Society of Guatemala
Volume 3 of PATO-POC, Bulletin of the Ornithological Society of Guatemala, has been published, including:
Horned Guan at Fuentes Georginas
Immature Crested Eagle at Tikal
Fall migration of raptors in Guatemala
Birds at Cerro El Amay, Quiché
Waterbirds at Lake Giüja

Download a PDF of PATO-POC 3:

cloud forestInternational Bird Watching Encounter
The Guatemalan Bird Watching Round Table (Mesa de Aviturismo) organized the Second International Bird Watching Encounter in Guatemala, which took place in Retalhuleu from 26 February - 2 March 2006. CAYAYA BIRDING presented Guatemalan cloud forests as birding destinations. You may download a PDF of the presentation at:

Photo of the Month
Photograph of the Month

Recent images of Guatemalan birds.

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Online at

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