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Newletter #1
8 October 2004

processionOur Easter Birding Tour 2005
(22 March - 10 April) includes some cultural days for observing the Easter traditions in Antigua Guatemala. Processions along cobble stone streets decorated with carpets made of flowers and colored saw dust are impressive. But also this tour is full of birding: pine-oak highland forest, thorn forest, cloud forest, rainforest, mangrove.

cloud forest Spring-300-Species-Tour 2005 (16 April - 1 May)
Join this tour and help to support a local long-term bird monitoring program in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. The monitoring is run by the local NGO PROEVAL-RAXMU and focuses on monitoring bird populations in different altitudes from lowland rain forest to high-altitude cloud forest. For this program local Maya Q’eqchi’ people were trained in a 8 month intensive course to conduct scientific point counts.

This tour includes birding in pine-oak forest, mangrove, thorn forest, cloud forest, rainforest (Tikal!). We expect more than 300 bird species!

Cayaya Birding web siteNews from the CAYAYA BIRDING web site

2 more birding sites are presented, the Sacranix mountain range (cloud and rainforest), and the Motagua Valley (thorn forest).

Our Guatemalan bird gallery comprises now more than 140 species. See also the bird list for Guatemala, endemic and threatened species at


A pair of the rare Orange-breasted Falcons (Falco deiroleucus) was observed handing over prey (typical for mated pairs) in Tikal in December 2003.

The Azure-rumped Tanager (Tangara cabanisi) was reported the first time at Tarrales by Ismael Mateo and Edward Lammer on 14 May 2004.


Bird monitoring in Alta Verapaz.
Since November 2003 a second monitoring team is trained. With our Spring-300-Species-Tour we support this monitoring program.
For details visit PROEVAL RAXMU at

Chelemhá cloud forest reserve. Cayaya Birding is sponsoring a web presentation of the Chelemhá cloud forest reserve.

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